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Growing vegetables organically is a challenge. You have to plan your garden design and strategy, months before you actually plant.  Most vegetables need more readily available nutrients than what is found in mature compost leaf mold.  We use various grain meals and compost tea recipes in order to feed the vegetables throughout the season.


Tomatoes are America's favorite vegetable to grow at home. This tomato grew this large in a new lasagna garden that I built as late as mid June!



These potatoes were planted in February and harvested in June.  They were planted on top of the ground, under 6" of mature compost and dried leaves.   As the potatoes grow up, I continuously mulch the potatoes with more dry leaves and/or more undone high carboneous compost.


I grow squash seeds in mounds of compost. I protect the young plants from pests and diseases with neem oil or citrus oil products, mixed with aerated compost tea.

All cabbages are edible.  This is also one of my favorite fall/winter ornamentals.

I grow lots of vegetables also in creative containers.


I normally start my melons and pumpkins in large compost mounds in my garden beds in June or July.


I plant corn normally in March and harvest around June or July. Sometimes I can start a second crop in mid summer and harvest before frost!  My corn loves lots of strong aerated compost tea and fish emulsion.