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William and Peggy teach organic garden classes all over the state of Alabama. They have also performed sustainable gardening lectures in the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas.  These garden clubs usually only have time to hear the "Captain" and Peggy teach on the subject of composting methods and aerated tea brewing.  However some garden clubs enjoy lectures on cover crops and homemade fertilizers and pest management.


Normally we sell at least 20 or more bags of my famous compost to local gardeners and farmers, every time we show up at a garden club or a garden conference.

Here we are getting ready to load up a large trailer of bagged compost for a large garden club in Tennessee.

Some garden clubs and conferences also want us to set up a display of photos and flyers for educational purposes.  Here we answer questions and show photos of the compost farm after one of my slide show presentations.

Here we are just relaxing on a daylily farm tour in Tennessee. 

Some of the larger garden clubs treat us like royalty with nice luncheons and dinners.

This is one of my favorite heroes in the organic farming world, the great Mr. Malcolm Beck !   He is the founder of the largest composting businesses in Texas!   Peggy and I had a chance to meet him in person, when we had to speak at an organic farming conference near Dallas, Texas.  I have tried to model my composting operation on my farm by his philosophies and methods from his books. He is definitely "The Compost King" as far as I'm concerned!

At that same conference, Peggy and I had a chance to eat breakfast with another of my favorite heroes in the organic gardening world, Mr. Howard Garrett, (aka the Dirt Doctor) !   I have tried to model many of my sustainable gardening and farming philosophies and techniques on my farm by his books.