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Cover crops are also very important in our sustainable farming system.  Various cover crops not only add extra organic matter and nitrogen to our soils, but they also help increase a lot of beneficial soil organism activity in the soil all year round.


This fall cover crop mixture is a blend of crimson clover, hairy vetch, Austrian winter peas, and mustard greens, growing on top of slightly undone compost.  These mounds of organic matter help improve the topsoil for all our no-till garden beds, as well as increase beneficial soil biology.

I use cover crops all year round in various ways. Even in warm months, I use cover crops like buckwheat, beans, and sunflowers, as creative companion plants around my main vegetables.

Even local weeds can have a use in my creative no-till garden beds as either cover crops or companion plants. When I tired of looking at them, I either mow them down or smother them under lots of continual mulches.