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Welcome to the Captain Compost of Alabama home page!

The purpose of this site is to encourage all gardeners from around the world to enjoy 

and experiment with the amazing modern world of organic and sustainable gardening.


William Edward Cureton, II  is known throughout Alabama, and beyond, as "Captain Compost", 

or "CaptainCompostAL", as he is known on many gardening websites.  


He and his long-time partner and wife Peggy, used to teach organic gardening classes at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Now they lecture at various Master Gardener classes, and other garden clubs throughout the state, and across the country. 


William was one of the main authors of the organic gardening forum FAQ page on 

He was the moderator on the composting forum on  

The "Captain" was also very popular on the old Rodale Organic Gardening website forums. 


He sells homemade compost by the truckload or bag, to local farmers and gardeners.  


William and Peggy are now published authors. He has finished his first book, and he is currently 

working on the development of his second in a series of books.




To contact the Captain for gardening classes or for composting orders:

Phone Number: 205-903-9756
Residential & Mailing Address:  
William & Peggy Cureton
110 Kelly Creek Drive
Odenville, AL 35120                                                                  

(The Entire Kingdom of God can be condensed to an Organic  Garden... Mark 4:26)